Kashiwa City New Coronavirus Vaccine Additional Inoculation (3rd)


Coronavirus vaccination rate of 80% or more

Kashiwa City’s new coronavirus vaccination (1 or 2 times) has also progressed, and citizens with a population of 80% or more in Kashiwa City have been vaccinated with the new coronavirus.

As the new coronavirus vaccination progressed, the number of infected people decreased, and the long state of emergency was settled by the end.

Necessity of additional inoculation of new coronavirus vaccine (third time)

At the end of 2021, the number of breakthrough infections that infect people who have completed two doses of the new coronavirus vaccination has increased.

The cause of the increase in infection was that the antibody decreased with the passage of time after vaccination, and a third booster vaccination was required.

Annual influenza vaccination will also require additional vaccinations to compensate for the decrease in antibodies and to accommodate variants.

Kashiwa City New Coronavirus Vaccine Additional Inoculation (3rd)

New coronavirus vaccine booster inoculation (third time) Target audience / priority

The additional vaccination (third) is intended for people over the age of 18, and there is no priority according to occupation or age, and in principle it is possible to inoculate if eight months have passed since the second vaccination.

New coronavirus vaccine booster inoculation (third) start time

It will be sent sequentially from the second vaccination to 8 months before.

Even if the first and second vaccinations are given outside Kashiwa City, there is no need to apply and the vaccine will be shipped in conjunction with the second vaccination.

New coronavirus vaccine additional vaccination ticket (3rd time) Shipping time (planned)

Second inoculation timeTime to ship additional vaccination ticketsTime for booster vaccination
May 2021Late December 2021January 2022~
June 2021Late January 2022~Early FebruaryFebruary 2022~
July 2021Late February 2022~Early MarchMarch 2022~
August 2021Late March 2022~Early AprilApril 2022~
September 2021Late April 2022~Early MayMay 2022~
October 2021Late May 2022~Early JuneJune 2022~

※Inoculation is possible from the same day 8 months after the day of the second inoculation. In addition, it may change depending on the infection situation in the city.

※If you do not receive the vaccination ticket after the shipping time, or if you have performed the second vaccination overseas, please contact the New Corona Vaccine Call Center (telephone 04-7179-2313, telephone 04-7179-2663).

New coronavirus vaccine additional inoculation ticket (3rd time) Inoculation place

In addition to the same medical institution and individual vaccination as the first and second vaccinations, we will carry out mass vaccination in Kashiwa City from February 2022.

Vaccination venues will also be held at the Kashiwa City Central Gymnasium, Numanan Health Center, and Southern Clean Center.

New coronavirus vaccine booster inoculation (third time) Vaccine used

The vaccine used for the new coronavirus vaccine booster vaccination (third time) will be the Pfizer vaccine for individual vaccination and the Takeda / Moderna vaccine for mass vaccination.

Information about Kashiwa City’s new coronavirus vaccine additional vaccination ticket (third time)

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