Kashiwa City Taxi Company


Kashiwa City taxi companies are waiting at major locations such as Kashiwa City stations, hospitals, and housing complexes.

There are many taxi companies that are available 24 hours a day, so you can call a taxi.


Call a taxi company / taxi in Kashiwa City

Company NameaddressOwned numbertelephone number
Chiba Taxi Co., Ltd.柏市東1-3-126504-7166-9123
Kashiwa Taxi Co., Ltd.柏市豊四季向中原712-8800120-42-5252
Emitas Taxi Kashiwa Co., Ltd.柏市光ケ丘2-18-1480120-328-840
Fuji Taxi (Yes)柏市豊四季129-102904-7143-6935
Toho Taxi柏市豊四季306220120-43-3154
Kita Kashiwa Transportation柏市花野井909-3330120-305-440
Numana taxi柏市大島田1222204-7191-5757
Someya Transportation柏市北柏2-11-9240120-641-910
Chiyoda sightseeing柏市十余二313-4001104-7133-0909
Aska Traffic Chiba柏市十余二254-507320570-075-770
Keisei Taxi Tokatsu柏市十余二313−249560120-85-7510

Kashiwa city taxi fare(Fare table)

Fare table(As of April 1, 2021)

Medium-sized vehicle

■Distance fare
・First-ride fare 500 yen up to 1.27km
・Additional fare Add 100 yen for every 263m

■Time-distance combined fare
Add 100 yen every 1 minute and 35 seconds

■Extra fare(Midnight / early morning surcharge)
20% extra from 22:00 to 5:00

■Disability discount
10% discount from the fare
※Present your disability certificate / nursing certificate to verify your identity

■Pick-up fee
300 yen per request
※Available depending on the taxi company

■Welfare taxi ticket
Up to 720 yen reduction from the fare by using a welfare taxi ticket
※Applicable to fare + pick-up fee(Kashiwa City Welfare Taxi Ticket)
※Available or not depending on the taxi company

To call a nearby taxi

The conventional method is to call the above taxi company and request a ride, but depending on the timing, the car may be out and you may not be able to request a ride.

Recently, you can use the smartphone app “GO” to request a taxi to be dispatched to a nearby taxi and call a taxi.

Many taxi companies in Kashiwa City also recommend the smartphone application “GO”.

GO 《ゴー》 │ タクシーが呼べるアプリGO 《ゴー》 │ GO株式会社

Chiba Taxi Association

The Chiba Taxi Association is working to improve safe transportation and customer service with the aim of developing the general passenger car transportation business by improving the proper operation and services of the general passenger car transportation business.